The Centre for Econometric and Allied Research [CEAR] University of Ibadan Nigeria was founded in April 1983, and formally constituted into an interdisciplinary Research Centre by the Senate of the University of Ibadan in October 1985, with emphasis on service oriented policy research, with a strong interdisciplinary academic base. The Centre is mandated to raise its funding independently of statutory government funding.

Research Fields

Econometric Modelling for Policy Analysis and forecasting

* Applied General Equilibrium Modelling for Policy

* Input-output Modelling and Construction of 1-0 tables

* Social Accounting Matrices (SAM) Construction

* Short, Medium Term, and Perspective Planning

* System Simulation Studies

* Regional Modelling and Analysis

* External Debt Management and Analysis

* General Mathematical Modelling and Applications

* Common Market Studies.


We disseminate our work through:

1. Technical Reports

2. Seminars

3. Working Papers

4. CEAR Monograph

Game Theory Workshop
Applied Panel Data Analysis
Introductory Statistics Textbook
Revenue Allocation