Completed Research Projects

1. Ford Foundation (1979-81), Transmission mechanism for externally transmitted economic disturbances in developing countries.

2. Ford Foundation (1981-82).  The determinants of inter-industry flows in Nigeria, in an I-O framework.

3. Federal Ministry of National Planning (1979-1985); Development of an Econometric Model of the Nigerian Economy with policy scenario simulation studies for various policy applications;

4. Feasibility study on Nigerian data Bank.

5. World Bank/UNDP/NIDB/CEAR (1987-1991) Urban infra-structural constraints to industrialization in developing countries, with Nigeria as a case study.

6. University of Pennsylvania/United Nations LINK project; (1981 to date); a bi-annual evaluation of Economic Prospects for Africa, and preparation of economic forecasts for Africa. Currently co-ordinating a policy analysis network to cover all African countries.

7. Federal Ministry of Budget and Planning, [FMBP], Lagos (1989-1991);Macro Studies for Nigeria's first Perspective Plan; Co-ordination of Plan Preparation; Policy modelling work [I-O based consistency       modelling for Plan formulation].

8. Economic Community of West African States [ECOWAS], Lagos; (1991); Feasibility study on a Community based Project LINK, and Economic Forecasting Programme.

9. FMBP/UNDTCD/CEAR / SOW.VU;(1991-); Development and maintenance  of  Applied General Equilibrium Model for Perspective Planning in Nigeria.

10. Graduate Study Capacity Building (GSCB) 1999 Funded by the Ford Foundation (Office for west Africa

11. National Planning Commission Abuja, (April 2006 – May 2007),  Development of an Econometric Forecasting Model and Computable General Equilibrium Model for Policy Analyses

12. The Consortium (CEAR, FEE, & DPC) The Impact of Nigeria LNG Project on Nigeria 2001

13. National Planning Commission Abuja, (Feb- March 2007), Preparation of Macroeconomic Framework for NEEDS-2.

Game Theory Workshop
Applied Panel Data Analysis
Introductory Statistics Textbook
Revenue Allocation