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Game Theory Workshop

Game Theory, an analytical tool for studying decision-making under strategic conditions, has revolutionized decision making in recent decades. It has helped analysts to structure a wide range of human interactions in which the outcomes depend on interactive actions of two or more individuals or agents and in the process radically transformed and enhanced our understanding and capacity to analyze strategic interactions among individuals and groups of individuals and business enterprises under market and non-market institutions. Insights from game theory have helped to throw fresh light on the modelling and interpretations of social behaviour involving collective action, governance, trust, coordination, honesty, leadership, heterogeneity which were seemingly intractable some years back. Besides, in many areas of management and public policy, game theory has become an invaluable tool of analysis of policy design and more nuanced prediction of socio-economic problems and outcomes of policies in developing countries such as Nigeria.

However, despite the usefulness of game theory in diagnosing and designing more robust policy solutions to the social and economic problems of relevance to Nigeria, most researchers and policy makers in Nigeria have little or no exposure to this increasingly indispensable tool in the analyst’s toolkit. The multifaceted nature of the factors impacting social and economic behaviour and conditions in the country, strongly suggests that many more researchers and policy makers should be equipped with this powerful analytical tool. Against this background of poor accessibility of most researcher to this analytical tool, and the fact that Game Theory has become an invaluable tool for analyzing and designing robust policy solutions to the economic and social problems of development, the desirability of this workshop is clear.

Workshop Objectives

The main objective of this course is to improve the capacity of researchers and policy makers in Nigeria to formulate and analyze social and economic problems and predict outcomes of strategic decision making by familiarizing the participants with a broad understanding of static and dynamic games under conditions of complete and incomplete information.

The specific objectives of this Workshop are as follows:

(a)              Equip participants with a good understanding of Game Theory

(b)              Enhance and improve the capacity of participants to characterize and model economic, financial and social problems more robustly based on Game Theory.

(c)              Build and strengthen human capacity in game theoretic modelling among Nigerian researchers, lecturers and policy makers.

(d)             Illustrate how Game Theory can be applied to important economic and social issues and problems in the country.

(e)              Initiate, promote and strengthen networking among researchers, lecturers and policy analysts in both public and private sectors.

Date Title Venue Type
Jun.17.2019 - Jun.21.2019 Game Theory Workshop 2019 CEAR Dept of Economics UI Game Theory Workshop

Game Theory Workshop
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Introductory Statistics Textbook
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